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Help Arts ‘n Autism Creative Program

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Hello, my name is Marsha Taylor and I am the Program Director for Arts n’ Autism. Arts 'n Autism is an innovative after school, pre-teen vocational and summer camp program for individuals on the autism spectrum. We are located in Tallahassee , Florida.

We work closely with community services programs and have always had a great relationship with the local arts schools and workshops. They provide us great volunteers and we are grateful to be part of their work-study programs. These young adults change our lives, and we know that we change some of theirs too. We were excited when about the level of volunteerism in our local community. But even with great volunteers, funding to run our afterschool programs is necessity.

This volunteer started creating art to help him express his feelings. Now his painting talents are being recognized worldwide and bringing genuine joy to so many people.

By funding Arts 'n Autism you will be keeping jobs for 4 persons and creating job opportunity for 2 more this year; and at least a total of 20 persons by 2020. Thanks to your kindness and generosity those 6 persons first and a total of 20 persons later will have their dream of having a job and keeping a job come true.

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Name Donate Amount Date
Kristian Summers $125.00 February 25, 2020
Kaya Patel $135.00 February 09, 2020
Isabella Chase $200.00 September 09, 2019
Jasiah Mcmahon $200.00 August 26, 2019
Luciano Levine $320.00 August 30, 2019
Joy Blanchard $56.00 February 22, 2019
Geovanni Ramsey $35.00 March 01, 2019
Franklin Tate $125.00 January 17, 2020
Hector Allison $100.00 July 28, 2019
Jazmin Turner $300.00 December 15, 2019
Sasha Price $45.00 December 18, 2019
Freddy Noble $35.00 December 28, 2019
Eliezer Pacheco $45.00 December 02, 2019
Allison Gallegos $95.00 January 30, 2020
Arthur Fleming $70.00 January 18, 2020
Ruby Webster $40.00 April 07, 2020
Kiana Andrews $400.00 October 04, 2019
Jared Villarreal $50.00 March 25, 2020
Savanna Hoffman $25.00 November 06, 2019
Lexie Miller $50.00 October 07, 2019
Lewis Huff $75.00 July 11, 2019
Laila Miles $90.00 February 25, 2020
Camryn Mayo $135.00 February 09, 2020
Tiana Baxter $200.00 September 09, 2019
Julien Heath $75.00 August 26, 2019
Easton Wiley $25.00 August 30, 2019
Monica Krause $60.00 February 22, 2019
Giada Graves $100.00 March 01, 2019
Abraham Craig $325.00 January 17, 2020
Marlee Guerra $119.00 July 28, 2019

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