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Individuals and Charitable Non-profits of all SIZES USE Giving for Change to raise money and Awareness for impactful Causes

What Percentage of Donations Go to Charity?

We know that you work hard for your money, so when you choose to donate your money to charity, how can you be sure the nonprofit organization will use your money properly?

In order for a non-profit to accept donations through, a non-profit must be 501(c)(3) verified.

GivingForChange provides transparency into each non-profit fundraising campaign on its site. Our organization helps donors by evaluating the non-profit status of each charity and provides basic data you can view regarding their annual report, financial statements, and information about how they’re making an impact.

We understand that overhead (the percentage of charity expenses that go to administrative costs versus program costs) is a part of doing business, we want to ensure each donor that those costs are inline with the charities mission and the causes we promote on this platform.

Our goal is to assist donors in making sound giving decisions and to foster public confidence in charitable organizations. GivingForChange is devoted to supporting those non-profits organizations that demonstrate their commitment to transparency and by communicating directly with their donors.

Your website made a big difference in our fundraising efforts. We were able to raise over $40,000 in donations after a flood damaged our community center.

Mathew z.
Raised $43,000