Grow our Arts and Cultural Centre in Rio de Janeiro


Help grow our Arts and Cultural Centre in Rio de Janeiro and give the kids a better future.

 Make a positive difference to the children of Rio de Janeiro by helping Arte Para Kids grow their Arts and Cultural Center.

Tourism has brought many problems to the Rio de Janeiro, including drugs, alcohol and sex trafficking. The local population is too busy laboring to give attention to their children and the poorly-funded schools are open barely four hours a day. By the age of eight many children are still unable to read and adolescents without education or skills are seeking illegal ways to earn money. Four deaths by shooting have occurred in a place that up till 2010 was a peaceful paradise. With drug wars bringing new violence and the uglier side of tourism corrupting the local youth, a change is desperately needed.

Samir Mason Tisdale (known as Sam) is an American martial arts instructor who has moved permanently to Rio de Janeiro to follow a dream: to build a multi-generational Arts and Cultural Centre to Rio de Janeiro that will allow a brighter future. Sam’s dream is to reciprocate the help and influences he received when he was a youth and needed guidance.

While teaching English and arts, this center will also instruct in reading, writing and math. The art itself involves dance, acrobatics, music, calligraphy and painting.

As of now the building of this arts and cultural centre has been run by Sam and other helpers from the local community on land donated by the local with the help of volunteers and no income.


However, to grow our fledgling charity we need to have official status and an official bank system. 

In order to develop this centre we envisage – one where families come together in community projects and tourists mix with locals to break down boundaries of culture, wealth and religion - we need to raise $4,000. This money will be used to furnish the centre, buy books, art supplies and other materials. 

All this costs money and as our building is almost complete we need the money as soon as possible.

Help us create a better world for these children, giving them a sense of pride and a sense of unity. Your financial assistance will make a huge difference to these young lives. We have the fiscal support and sponsorship of Arts Warriors a 501c(3) United States charity so that any donation will be eligible for tax benefits in the US.


The community of Rio de Janeiro needs your help and will be grateful for any amount you can spare.

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Name Donate Amount Date
mirela paul June 06, 2017
matt lind June 06, 2017
jamie novick June 06, 2017
omar abu June 06, 2017
camilo rodriguez June 06, 2017
kacper warda June 06, 2017
tunbola ogunwande June 06, 2017
mike kondrashin June 05, 2017
anna kovalova June 05, 2017
maged adel June 05, 2017
sam koren June 05, 2017

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